Different Uses and Benefits of Aadhaar card

By | February 26, 2014

What are the different uses and benefits of Aadhaar card.  Since Aadhaar is allotted to individual person after he fills and submit all the details like name, date of birth including bio-metric details-  finger prints, retina scan etc. which makes Aadhaar number unique for that person. So government will be able to verify the identity of that individual universally. Aadhaar card is based on the demographic and biometric information of a person so that it is very difficult to do any fraud, money laundering (hawala) or terrorists activities. Due to its uniqueness needy people in accessing services like banking facilities can use Aadhaar number as identity and address proof. Aadhaar card  is an universal identification number for  all Indian citizens. But since data is shared with other countries it will be valid in India only, for other countries passport act as identity number . Aadhaar card can be used at the multiple places to prove your identity and address proof, so with this single photo card you can prove your identity and address.

As of now the Aadhaar card is accepted at many places like in the opening of bank account, booking tickets online, applying for passport, at any other place where it is used as proof of identity. Aadhaar will become the simplest way of providing one’s identity. With the help of Aadhaar card government is now providing cash subsidizies, free medical services and other facilities to people specially which belong to the rural areas or poor people in a more effective manner. And some more important uses and the benefits of Aadhaar card are as follow-

1. Aadhaar card can be used as ID proof

The Election Commission issued an order allowing Aadhaar card to be used by those voters, who do not have the Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) issued by the commission as an alternative document to establish their identity during the elections.

2. Aadhaar card must for admission in Schools and colleges

Aadhaar card is now most important document for the students to take admission in the school and colleges in Himachal Pradesh. The educational department has applied this system to the all government school, colleges and all private institutes. According to the education department now students have to mention their Aadhaar card number in the admission form. It is very helpful for those students who takes benefits from the various scholarship schemes.

3. Aadhaar card is valid for applying for passport

Now there is no need of so many documents to apply for passport if you have Aadhaar card. It is a valid proof of  both address as well as identity. Tell now there was a need of 14 types of documents which include Identity card, ration card, PAN card, driving license, birth certificate etc. now with Aadhaar card you can submit only few documents which are mentioned above. Aadhaar is 12-digit unique identification number which includes demographic and biometric information.

4. Aadhaar card in government schemes or DCT scheme

The central government ambitious “Aapka Paisa Aapke Haath” scheme or the Aadhaar based direct cash transfer scheme. Firstly this scheme includes 20 districts and covering a total 7 various schemes are also included in the first phase of the direct cash transfer scheme. For the scheme the Aadhaar card number will be linked with your bank account number.

5. Aadhaar card valid for new Airtel connection

Now telecom service providing company Airtel using Aadhaar card (unique identity number) for providing new mobile connections or for the new mobile SIM card as a proof of identity. The director General and Mission Director of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) R.S. Sharma told that he has discussed this issue with the Airtel Telecom Company.

6. Aadhaar card now valid for new Vodafone connection

Vodafone will issue mobile phone connections to its customers on the basis of Aadhaar identity cards after having been chosen as an authentication service agency by the Unique Identity authority of India (UIDAI). People can pop up their 12-digit Aadhaar numbers at the Vodafone Counter and can get a SIM-card, without having too many documents of your identity and address proof.

7. Investors can use Aadhaar card as address proof by SEBI

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on 13th of August 2012 confirmed that the Aadhaar card or the Aadhaar card number can be used as a valid address proof for their accounts by the investors. The SEBI allowed the investors for using their Aadhaar card in mutual funds, brokerage firms, portfolio managers and other capital market entities. The 12-digits unique Aadhaar card number from the UIDAI is already in use in the capital market as a valid Identity proof document.

8. Aadhaar card scanner in card payment units

The Reserve Bank of India has said that the all new credit card swipe machines should be fitted with biometric scanners to enable Aadhaar card authentication. And RBI also said that banks not just to upgrade the swipe machines but their entire infrastructure to facilitate Aadhaar card authentication. So that it solved the problem of carrying lot of cards with them by taking one only card with them.

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