Problem of Unclaimed, Fake and Defunct Aadhar cards in India

By | June 30, 2014

The Unique Identification Authority of India has issued total of 63,94,68,766 till June 2014 i.e. UPA Government has issued Aadhar to half of the population of India but this mass issuance of Aadhar number has raised another problem of unclaimed, fake and defunct Aadhar cards in India. This problem of fake aadhar card  has led few questions about the reliability of this whole Aadhar scheme. Although one cannot use it for vote cast, yet it is misused for other ID purposes fraudulently such as obtaining mobile SIM, ration card etc. but with total registration reaching 63.94crs peoples, accepting Aadhar as identity and address of every registered individual or every resident of India, since Aadhar is not valid proof for citizenship of india .  Since India is having largest pool of young individuals and these young individual are travelling for their basic needs gave rise to the problem of unclaimed as there was no one available at registered address to receive their Aadhaar cards even after so many months of enrollment. The Aadhaar cards enrollment process is happened in enrollment centre of every city in India then the all data collected and then send to Bangalore. In Bangalore all the Aadhaar cards are made or making of a printed card at their and then all the Aadhaar cards distributed by the Indian Post in all over India.

Then the local area Post office postman is responsible of all the Aadhaar cards to deliver to the rightful owners, so if postman is unable to find the rightful owner of the Aadhaar card then aadhar remains unclaimed and if wrongly delivered then receipt can misuse the Aadhar of rightful owner. In case postmen not able to trace rightful owner then the postmen handle all the unknown Aadhaar cards to the local RWA (Residents welfare associations) or any other responsible person of the locality. Then the persons search the owners of the Aadhaar card but when they are also unable to find them. Then they give all the Aadhaar cards to the SDM or handed over the SDM (sub divisional magistrate) so no one can take misuse of the Aadhaar cards.

The main reason for this problems of unclaimed Aadhaar card is politicians, as the Unique Identification Authority of India provided in his guidelines to the municipal councilor and regional legislator to confirm the name and address of the individuals on their letter pads. There was a lot of pressure on the workers of the unique identification authority of India for the enrollment of the Aadhaar card so they asked the individual to come with the letters of  municipal councilor for enrollments. So this resulted in problem of issuance of aadhar to the individuals who are living on the rented or temporary places and they are enrolled for the Aadhaar card without any details of their permanent address in the form. When Aadhaar card was ready for delivery they moved to some other place and their landlords or new resident doesn’t accept the Aadhaar card on their behalf. In India there are so many landlords who give their houses on rent without any police verification. So this is impossible to track them or give or send them Aadhaar card to any other place or any other address of the individuals.

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