Know your Income Tax Ward, AO Type, Range Code or Address of Jurisdictional Officer using your PAN through Income Tax Portal

By | July 6, 2015

Whenever we file an income tax return, whether online or off-line, it requires to fill our Income Tax Ward, Range and Jurisdiction. Furnishing these details is optional and not mandatory. These details are also required to be furnished while filing an application for a new PAN card.

AO codes denote your area jurisdiction according to income tax department. AO code is very important for an Assessee. When an Assessee filed his income tax return online, after processing of his return, it sends to his particular range or area’s Income Tax Officer. So that Officer can process his refund or assessment accordingly. To get the income tax refund fast, the AO code is very important otherwise IT returns may be sent to wrong jurisdiction. When applying PAN, AO code should be correct otherwise your PAN may be delayed, and future reference will be deferred.

Know Your Jurisdictional Assessing officer

To get the information of  “Income Tax Ward Number, Area Code, AO Type, Jurisdiction, Income Tax Office Address” visit the below link:

  1. Visit the link: Click Here
  2. Enter your PAN CARD Number.
  3. Enter the displayed Captcha Code.
  4. Click on Submit button.

Details will be displayed in the below format:

Jurisdiction Details for XXXXXXXXXX


Middle Name

First Name

Area Code

AO Type

Range Code

AO Number


Building Name


You can also search for AO by city from the below website:

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