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How to Claim Deduction of Interest on Loan Borrowed Capital on House Property under Section 24(b)

Limits & Conditions for Claiming Deduction of Interest on Borrowed Capital includes loan take from banks, financial institutions or from private sources on house property for computation of Income from House Property under Section 24(b) of Income Tax Act,1961 Section 24(b) of the Income Tax Act allows deduction from income from houses property on interest… Read More »

ICICI Bank Special Interest Rate for Home Loan

Special Interest Rate for Home Loans:- ( w.e.f February 4, 2014) Home Loan Interest Rates – Applicable for Home loan qualifying as priority sector lending* ICICI Bank floating rate: Category Effective Rate of Interest HL <= Rs. 1.5 million/Rs 2.5 million 10.15%  Notes: The offer is valid for sanctions till April 30, 2014 Home Loan Interest… Read More »